Constance Wu Recalls A Friend Saving Her From Suicide

Constance Wu Recalls Friend Saving Her From Suicide (4)

Constance Wu is sharing her experience with the attempt on her life in 2019 and its fallout.

The Hustlers and Crazy Rich Asians actress participated in Wednesday’s Red Table Talk through Facebook Watch to talk about the startling information in her book, Making a Scene. One of them was being sexually assaulted and groped by a man Fresh Off the Boat producer, and another involved receiving blowback after tweeting her displeasure at the show being renewed for a second season. 

She tried to commit suicide as a result of being “canceled” because of her tweets and receiving hate mail from several sources, including the Asian American community.

Wu sat on the edge of her fifth-floor balcony, looking out at her New York City street, at her lowest point during the backlash, covered in a blanket. A friend who had come to check on her “pulled me over – from jumping over the ledge” while she was pondering her future.

Constance Wu Recalls A Friend Saving Her From Suicide                                                                      For life-saving mental health therapy, the friend “pulled” Wu “into the elevator, [placed] me into a cab, and brought me to a psychiatric hospital.”

Wu claims that a Straight Off the Boat producer sexually harassed her before she made those memorable tweets, but the public was unaware of this at the time. After her popularity, they simply believed she was really a “diva,” “ungrateful,” and believed she had become “too wonderful for the show.”

Naturally, she didn’t blame anybody for thinking that given the information available to the public, she said. What people didn’t know was that I experienced constant sexual harassment, intimidation, and threat during my first few years on [the popular show praised for its Asian representation].

She refused to name the Asian American producer who was “very disparaging and aggressive toward me,” and she was afraid to speak up since “this program was kind of a paragon of inclusion for Asian Americans and I kind of became a symbol of representation.” I didn’t want to tarnish the one show by making accusations of sexual misconduct against the one Asian American guy who was exerting so much effort [to improve] the community.


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