How to use UPI123Pay for featured phone

Hello guys! today in this article I will discuss the two key initiatives launched by the RBI. These are UPI123Pay and digiSaathi. so let’s discuss one by one…..

On the eve of International Women day on 8th March 2022, the Reserve Bank of India launched two initiatives i.e. UPI123Pay and DigiSaathi- a 24*7 helpline number to address the queries of the users related to digital payments.

How to use UPI123Pay for featured phone

What is UPI123Pay?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It is the method of transferring money digitally. We can send the money to anyone through UPI. Till now, the feature of UPI payment is available on smartphones only. But now, RBI decided to make available this payment method for featured phones (Keypad mobiles) also.

In India, there are 40 crore users of featured phones. UPI123Pay is an option for those users only. Now they featured phones subscribers can also send money to anyone. UPI123Pay will include 4 different options:

  1. App based functionality: To use this payment method, users have to install an app through which this UPI server will function.
  2. Missed call: This missed call facility will allow the featured phone users to access their bank accounts and daily transaction details like receiving and transferring funds, bill payments, checking bank balance etc. For aunthenticity, users will receive a call after entering UPI pin.
  3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) : A number will be given to the users. By dialing that number, and completing some steps, which will be discussed later, users can do the transactions without internet connection.
  4. Proximity sound based payment: Sound waves will be used to do contactless and offline transactions.

How to create a UPI ID?

First of all, you have to create your own UPI Id on feature phone. To create that UPI you have to follow some steps which are given below:

Step 1: Dial *99# and you will be asked to choose your bank account

Step 2: Choose your bank account

Step 3: enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and your card expiry date. (If you don’t have a debit card then get that first through your bank).

Step 4: Now this is the last step. You will be asked to create the UPI pin (Never share with anyone). In simple language, it is the password that will be used to transfer any payment. After this is done, your UPI will be activated.

Payment Methods in india

How to use UPI 123Pay?

Now the question is how to send money to anyone through your featured phone. so let’s understand this step by step.

Step 1. Dial an IVR number (Discussed above), 08045163666 on your keypad phone

Step 2: Select your preferred language by pressing the required button. (Remember you are on a call just like talking to customer care)

Step 3: You will be asked to select your bank linked with UPI

Step 4: Press 1 to confirm the details.

Step 5: Press 1 to send money by using your mobile number

Step 6: Now enter the mobile number of the person to which you are sending the money

Step 7: Now you have to confirm the details by pressing the said button

Step 8: Enter the amount of money you want to send

Step 9: Enter your UPI PIN which you have created earlier.

Step 10: Authorise the payment and your payment is done.

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What is DigiSaathi?

The RBI has also launched another initiative i.e. Digisaathi. Digisaathi is a 24*7 helpline number to address the queries of customers related to digital payments. There are various ways through which you can register your complaint:

Toll-free number 1800-891-3333

A shortcode 14431

Website and chatbots.

You can use any of the platforms to solve your queries regarding digital payments.


These initiatives are taken to increase digital adoption, to cover the wider population of this country under the digital ecosystem so that every person can access the banking services and products by sitting at home. Now the people who use featured phones can also transfer money through their phone without an internet connection.
This is just a way of financial inclusion. Such steps must be highly encouraged so that each and every person can take the benefit of banking services and be aware of new things.

Thank you…:)

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