Tesla intends to have “thousands of Humanoid Robots within its plants.”

Tesla build thousands of Humanoid Robots (4)

People don’t take tech companies that announce humanoid robots seriously since science fiction has long promised us flying automobiles and robot butlers.

When Elon Musk announced the Tesla Bot initiative at Tesla AI Day last year, he didn’t make it easy for people to take it seriously; many took it as a joke and didn’t think Tesla was serious about creating a humanoid robot.

Musk did, however, make it apparent that the Tesla company now places a high priority on its humanoid robot development.

Tesla intends to have "thousands of Humanoid Robots within its plants."

Musk stated that Tesla is prioritizing Optimus humanoid robot product development in 2022 above new product releases, which are all being postponed until 2023, at a product roadmap update early in 2022.

Since then, Musk has said on numerous occasions that people fail to recognize the potential benefits that a Tesla Bot may have for society. In fact, he claimed that it might totally alter global economies.

Humanoid Robots

Tesla intends to have "thousands of Humanoid Robots within its plants."

However, Tesla will act as its own best customer by using the Optimus robots in its factories, so it won’t even require customers to demonstrate the robot’s value.

Tesla claims that it intends to utilize “thousands of Humanoid Robots within its plants” in a job posting for “Motion Planning & Navigation, Tesla Bot”:

The robot will be effective in a production setting because the first iteration of Tesla Bot will be focused on carrying out easy repetitive tasks, according to the company.

On September 30, at AI Day, Tesla plans to display the first operational prototype of its humanoid robot.

Tesla intends to have "thousands of Humanoid Robots within its plants."

Electrek’s Opinion

The advantages are clear if Tesla is able to produce a viable humanoid robot, especially given the current labor scarcity.

But the real issue is, how sophisticated will the robot be?

We are aware that Tesla has invested much in AI and has made significant strides in computer vision, both of which will be helpful to the robot.

To genuinely make the robot useful, though, breakthroughs in robotics will also be required. Achieved Tesla that goal? Although we don’t know yet, we will shortly.

When do you suppose we’ll start noticing Tesla Bots at work in Tesla factories?

 Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.


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